Submissions and Voting

Submissions and Voting

Effective July 10, 2019 | Updated August 16, 2019

The Streamy Awards are owned and hosted by Tubefilter, Inc. (“Company”) and are given annually each fall. In each of the categories of consideration, the Streamy Award (the “Award”) is intended to honor outstanding original productions, programs, series, and/or channels which are created for initial release and exhibition online (“Program(s)”) and to recognize those pioneering companies and individuals who create, produce, and perform those Programs worldwide.


  1. Award Eligibility
  • To be eligible for consideration for an Award, an “Eligible Program” must have been produced for, and initially released and exhibited by means of, Online Distribution (as defined below) between July 28, 2018, and August 16, 2019 (“Eligibility Period”) and must meet all of the other applicable requirements set forth herein or otherwise applicable to the Award for which it is submitted. Eligible Programs do not need to have been actually produced during the Eligibility Period but must have been initially made available via Online Distribution for viewing by the general public during the Eligibility Period.
  • “Online Distribution” is defined as the delivery and distribution of a Program directly to consumers for online viewing, either on a streaming or download basis, on a website (e.g., YouTube.com, Vimeo.com, personal or company website), social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat), and/or so-called “over the top” video distribution platform (e.g., Amazon, Netflix, Hulu), regardless of the physical device used by consumers for viewing.
  • Programs which were initially released, distributed, or exhibited in any other media, whether before, during, or after the Eligibility Period, are not eligible.
  • The following types of productions or materials are not eligible for consideration, whether or not they were originally created for or exploited by means of Online Distribution:
    • Previews
    • Trailers
    • Sizzle Reels
    • Sequences from feature-length films intended for theatrical distribution or home video release
    • Episodes of established television series previously delivered on broadcast, pay, or cable television.
  • To be eligible for an Award given to one or more individuals (an “Individual Award”), the individual(s) must appear and/or have performed in or participated in the production of an Eligible Program (“Eligible Individual(s)”).
  • To be eligible for an Award given to an organization, company, or other entity (an “Organization Award”), the organization, company, or entity must have produced (or caused the production of) AND otherwise own and/or control an Eligible Program (“Eligible Organization”).
  • Except for certain Award-specific requirements (e.g., International (Non-US) Programs must be produced abroad), Programs are eligible for consideration for all Awards. Award-specific requirements are currently available at https://www.streamys.org/categories/.
  • Eligible Programs, Eligible Individuals, and Eligible Organizations (individually and collectively, “Eligible Subjects”) may be submitted for and win multiple Awards.
  • Programs will be considered in the form that they were initially distributed during the Eligibility Period and must remain posted online and available for viewing to intended consumers (whether the general public or subscribers) during the Review Period (as defined below).
  • Programs that contain obscene or pornographic material, propagate “hate” messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise offensive may be disqualified in the sole discretion of Company.
  • The final determination of eligibility is in Company’s sole discretion. Programs may be disqualified at any time without prior notification in Company’s sole discretion. All entrants and participants in the Streamy Awards are subject to, and must adhere to, these Streamy Awards Submission and Voting Guidelines (“Guidelines”), the Streamy Awards Terms of Use currently available at https://www.streamys.org/legal/terms-of-use/(“Terms of Use”), and the Streamy Awards Privacy Policy currently available at https://www.streamys.org/legal/privacy-policy-2/ (“Privacy Policy”). The Guidelines, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and where applicable, License Agreement (as defined below) may be collectively referred to herein as the “Project Agreements.”  Company’s decision not to enforce any specific provision of the Project Agreements does not constitute a waiver of such provision or of the Project Agreements, individually or collectively, generally.


  1. Submissions
  • Eligible Subjects may be submitted for consideration for one (1) or more Awards between July 10, 2019, and August 23, 2019 at 11:59pm PT (“Submission Period”) as follows:
  • All Eligible Subjects must be submitted during the Submission Period by the owner, creator, or otherwise authorized representative of owner or creator of the Eligible Program (“Creator”) which is/contains/was made by the Eligible Subject (each, a “Submission”).
    • To submit an Eligible Subject as a Submission, you must be the Creator, and you must properly register/log-in, complete, and submit the Submission Form available at https://www.streamys.org/submissions/ (“Submission Form”) during the Submission Period.
    • You will also be required to provide a public or private link or URL (including any password) to an online location where the Program may be viewed as well as certain other information regarding the Eligible Subject.
    • All information provided must be accurate, valid, and completed in full, or your Submission may be disqualified. Names, production details, and other information you provide in the Submission Form may be published if the applicable Eligible Subject becomes an Official Nominee, Award Winner, and/or Audience Choice Award Winner (all as defined below), so please ensure that all details are correct at the time of entry.
    • All Awards categories require a fee to be paid at the time of making a Submission, as specified at https://www.streamys.org/faq. All Submission fees are non-refundable.
    • All Submissions and associated fees must be received and recorded by Company during the Submission Period.
  • You must notify Company if any Submission is or becomes subject to any dispute or litigation with any third party regarding the Eligible Subject submitted. ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL REQUIRE THE CREATOR TO AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE STREAMY AWARDS LICENSE AGREEMENT, CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW AT https://www.streamys.org/legal-2/license-agreement/(“License Agreement”) in addition to these Guidelines, the Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.
  • Company reserves the right to extend or shorten the Submission Period as it may determine in its sole discretion, and any changes will be posted on the Website.
  • By making any Submission to Company, you signify that you (and your parent or legal guardian, if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence) have read and agree to these Guidelines, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.
  • The Streamy Awards and related services are hosted in the United States at org (the “Website”). If you are located outside of the United States and choose to make a Submission on the Website, you consent to having any information you provide to Company transferred to and processed in the United States, where you understand data protection and other privacy laws may differ from those in your jurisdiction. Information you provide or authorize Company to access in connection with your Submission is subject to the Privacy Policy.
  • Any attempted method of Submission other than as described in this Section 2 is void.


  1. Fan Nominations
  • For certain Awards, fans may nominate Eligible Subjects for consideration by the Academy in determining the nominees or winners of those Awards (“Fan Nominations”). Fan Nominations may only be made for those Awards specifically listed on the Fan Nomination page located at www.org/fans (“Fan-Eligible Award”).
  • To make a Fan Nomination for a Fan-Eligible Award, you must fill out the Fan Nomination Form located at www.org/fans (“Fan Nomination Form”). Only properly completed Fan Nomination Forms submitted on the Website will be counted as valid Fan Nominations.
    • Any information you provide or authorize Company to access in connection with your Fan Nomination Form is subject to Company’s Privacy Policy.
    • You may submit a Fan Nomination Form for yourself or your own Eligible Program for Fan-Eligible Awards.
    • You may submit Fan Nomination Forms for more than one (1) Eligible Subject for each Fan-Eligible Award and may make multiple Fan Nominations for the same Eligible Subject for the same Fan-Eligible Award during the Submission Period, but you may only make one (1) Fan Nomination for each Eligible Subject for a a specific Fan-Eligible Award PER DAY during the Submission Period. Fan Nominations exceeding the limits stated above may be disqualified.
    • Fan Nominations for certain Fan-Eligible Awards may have special instructions or requirements so be sure to follow the applicable instructions or requirements to make a valid Fan Nomination for such Fan-Eligible Awards.
    • Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Fan Nominations. Company will automatically disqualify any Fan Nomination Forms or activity that, in Company’s opinion, appears intended to subvert or manipulate the voting process, violates trademarks, infringes copyrights, impersonates others, invades privacy, makes threats of violence, promotes illegal activities, promotes pornography, spams, uses bots, scripts, or other automated means for voting, engages in abusive behavior, or promises anything of value in exchange for a Fan Nomination.
    • All Fan Nominations must be received and recorded by Company during the Submission Period.
  • An Eligible Subject that receives a Fan Nomination must ALSO be a valid Submission by its Creator in accordance with Section 2 above to be eligible to win a Fan-Eligible Award. A VALID SUBMISSION IS REQUIRED TO BE SELECTED AS AN OFFICIAL NOMINEE, AWARD WINNER, OR AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD WINNER. A FAN NOMINATION IS NOT SUFFICIENT FOR CONSIDERATION FOR ANY AWARD.


  1. Official Nominees and Award Winners
  • Nominee Selection:
  • The Streamys Academy (“Academy”) will review all valid Submissions received for each Award and determine and select the official nominees for all Awards as follows (“Official Nominees”):
    • For all Awards other than the Audience Choice Awards (as defined in Section 5 below), the Academy will select five (5) Official Nominees for each Award; and
    • For the Audience Choice Awards, the Academy will select ten (10) Official Nominees for each Audience Choice Award.:
  • For Fan-Eligible Awards, the Submission that receives the greatest number of valid Fan Nominations during the Submission Period will receive a designation as the “Fan Nominee” for that Award, which designation will be taken into consideration, along with other criteria, during the Academy’s review of all Submissions and determination of the Official Nominees for that Award.
  • For all Awards, the Academy will review all valid Submissions (including those designated as the Fan Nominee) for each Award and make its determinations for the Official Nominees for each Award during the approximate seven (7) week period following the end of the Submission Period (“Review Period”).
    • If, in the opinion of the Academy, the Eligible Subjects in consideration for an Award fail to meet the Streamy Award’s standard of excellence, the Academy may select fewer Official Nominees for that Award.
    • If, in the opinion of the Academy, no Eligible Subjects meet the Streamy Awards’ standard of excellence for a particular Award, Company may, in its sole discretion, cancel the applicable Award, including any Fan-Eligible Award.
    • If a Submission is not available for review by the Academy during the Review Period at the link or URL provided in the Submission Form, then such Submission may be disqualified.
  • Winner Selection: For all Awards other than the Audience Choice Awards, after the five (5) Official Nominees for each Award have been determined at the end of the Review Period, the Academy will select the winner from among the Official Nominees for each Award (each, an “Award Winner”). For each Eligible Subject selected as an Award Winner, the manner and details of announcing its designation as an Official Nominee and Award Winner shall be strictly confidential and shall be determined by Company in its sole discretion. Not all Awards will be publicized in the same manner, and while some Awards might be presented in a public ceremony, other Awards may be given by private notification. The Academy’s decisions regarding the Award Winners will be final. Company reserves the right to withdraw any Award from an Award Winner at a later date if Company subsequently learns, discovers, or finds that the Award Winner failed to comply in any way with any of the Project Agreements or has committed or does commit any act or has engaged or does engage in any conduct which is an offense under federal, state or local laws, including moral turpitude, or which brings Award Winner into public disrepute, scandal or ridicule, or which tends, in Company’s opinion, to reflect unfavorably upon Company and/or the Streamy Awards.


  1. Audience Choice Awards Nominations and Selection
  • Company will present two (2) Fan-Eligible Awards each year for which the winner is selected by a popular fan vote: (i) the “Audience Choice: Show” award given to an Eligible Program (“AC: Show Award”); and (ii) the “Audience Choice: Creator” award given to an Eligible Individual (“AC: Creator Award”). The AC: Show Award and the AC: Creator Award may be individual and/or collectively referred to herein as “Audience Choice Award(s)”.
  • Official Nominee Selection:
  • The Academy will select ten (10) official Nominees for each Audience Choice Award in accordance with the procedures set forth above from all valid and applicable Submissions received for other Fan-Eligible Awards in certain categories as follows (“AC Eligible Submissions”):
    • Eligible Programs which are validly submitted for Fan-Eligible Awards in the Overall, Series and Subject categories will automatically be eligible for consideration for the AC: Show Award; and
      • Eligible Individuals which are validly submitted for Fan-Eligible Awards in the Overall and Subject categories will automatically be eligible for consideration for the AC: Creator Award.
  • The criteria for the Audience Choice Awards will include number of Fan Nominations received by each AC Eligible Submission, the audience and viewership data for each AC Eligible Submission, and the discretionary judgment of the Academy.
  • If, in the opinion of Company, the AC Eligible Submissions for either Audience Choice Award fail to meet the Streamy Awards’ standard of excellence, fewer Official Nominees may be selected for the applicable Audience Choice Award. If no AC Eligible Submissions meet the Streamy Awards’ standard of excellence for an Audience Choice Award, Company may, in its sole discretion, cancel the applicable Audience Choice Award.
  • The winner of each Audience Choice Awards will be determined by an online fan vote to be conducted by Company on one (1) or more platforms to be determined by Company in its sole discretion during a voting period to occur following the Review Period (“Audience Choice Vote”). The Official Nominee for each Audience Choice Award receiving the most votes in the Audience Choice Vote will be declared the winner of that Audience Choice Award. Additional information regarding the Audience Choice Vote will be available on the Website following the Review Period.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • If you encounter a technical problem in making a Submission, completing a Submission Form or Fan Nomination Form, or otherwise with the submission or voting process, please email support@streamys.org. If you need to make a correction to credits or Program information, please contact us at corrections@streamys.org.
  • While the submission or nomination of non-English-language Programs is encouraged, please note that the content must be accessible to our predominantly English-speaking Academy members. In Award categories not dependent on language, non-English-language Programs may be considered in their original format. Otherwise, Programs in a foreign language must be dubbed or subtitled into English.
  • By participating in the nomination and voting process for the Streamy Awards, whether by submitting, nominating, voting, or otherwise, you hereby release, agree to indemnify, and hold harmless Company and its partner(s), their respective parent, affiliate, or subsidiary entities, and each of their respective officers, directors, members, managers, consultants, employees, contractors, agents, distributors, licensees, successors, and assigns from any and all liability for any and all claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of your participation in the Streamy Awards, Company’s use of any Submission or Eligible Subject, and/or the unauthorized or illegal access to participants’ personally identifiable information.
  • Company reserves the right to change, revise, or update these Guidelines at any time without notice in Company’s sole discretion. All such changes will be posted on https://www.streamys.org/.