The Streamy Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

Is my series eligible for a Streamy Award?

To be eligible for consideration for the 9th Annual Streamy Awards, a program must have been produced for and initially released and exhibited by means of online distribution between June 27, 2018, and August 16, 2019. For more information on the eligibility period and other submission criteria for the 9th Annual Streamy Awards, please consult the Streamy Awards Submission and Voting Guidelines

Do I have to be based in the United States to be eligible?

No. The Streamy Awards is a global organization and encourages submissions from all countries. Submissions from outside the U.S. are eligible in all categories. In addition, the International categories were designed specifically to honor non-U.S.-based online video programming and its creators.

Does my entry need to be in English?

No. Non-English language web series are welcome, but content must be accessible to our predominantly English-speaking Streamys Academy members. English subtitling or dubbing of any language-dependent content is strongly recommended.

Can I nominate a series for more than one category?

Yes, please do. There will be overlap in some categories, but creators and fans are encouraged to submit shows for as many categories as is appropriate. Submission fees are also a flat rate on a per project basis. This means the same project can be entered in to multiple categories under one submission fee.

Who votes for the Streamy Awards?

Streamy Awards nominees and winners are determined by the Streamys Academy, an independent judging body of creators, executives, and other experts in the online video industry. The Streamys encourage all members of the creator community interested in serving on the Streamys Academy to please submit your qualifications through the form here. A representative from the Streamy Awards will be in touch should you be selected to serve this year.

What is the difference between a Fan Nomination and an Official Submission?

An Official Submission is entered by the the content creator(s) or affiliated parties submitted via the entry process at the Streamy Awards Submissions page. Submissions are eligible in all categories.

A Fan Nomination is a vote cast by a fan on behalf of their favorite program or content creator via the use of the Streamy Awards Fan Nominations. In select categories, the Official Submission with the most Fan Nominations will receive a special designation during the judging process as a Fan Nomination, so that members of the Streamys Academy can take the fan input into account during their selection process.

What Counts as a Fan Nomination?

In order for a Fan Nominations to count, it must be completed using the Fan Nomination submission form found here.

What are the Streamy Awards Submissions fees?

Submission fees are a flat rate on a per project basis. This means the same project can be entered in to multiple categories under one submission fee. For a full list of entry deadlines and submissions fees visit the Streamy Awards Submissions page.

Will the Streamy Awards share the judges’ ratings and comments about my entry?

No. Due to volume of submissions, the Streamy Awards cannot not provide individual feedback to entrants.

Are additional Streamy Awards trophies available for purchase?

Yes. Winners may purchase additional trophies and/or certificates by getting in touch through the Contact Us form found here.

I won a Streamy Award. Can I use the Streamy logo in my marketing material?

Yes. Marketing material is available to all Streamy Award winners in our Resource Center. For specific questions, please email support@streamys.org.

There was an error in my Submission. How can I correct it?

If you submitted information that you later deemed to be incorrect, please email us at corrections@streamys.org. Please make sure to include your name and any relevant information we can use to identify your Submission.

If we haven’t answered your questions please email us at support@streamys.org