Creators Reflect on the Inclusivity of the Internet | The Streamy Awards

Creators Reflect on the Inclusivity of the Internet

What’s the best things about the Internet? It just might be how the creator community embraces diversity, encourages inclusivity and allows all voices to have a platform. No matter who you are or where you come from, the Internet gives everyone the chance to create themselves.

During the 2017 Streamy Awards, Lilly Singh, Gigi Gogrgeous, GloZellMeghan Tonjes and Zach Anner came together to share their inspiring stories about how the Internet has given them a platform to create themselves.

“In 2015, I was honored enough to win a Streamy for First Person and in my time on stage I thanked YouTube for being brave enough to put a brown girl on a billboard. I couldn’t mean that more today,” Lilly said. “The impact of seeing yourself represented in media is beyond profound.”

Then, Gigi, GoZell, Meghan and Zach all took turns sharing their own inspiring stories and reflected on how the Internet gave them a place to belong.

“YouTube has become my home away from home; a safe place for not only me, but for everyone who ever felt like they didn’t belong. I am grateful to have been given this platform to share my struggles and triumphs with the hope of inspiring others,” Gigi said. “Hearing stories of LGBTQ+ youth overcoming adversity is beautiful and so fulfilling.”

GloZell shared an anecdote about the first time she decided to do a meet and greet and was shocked by the number of fans who showed up.

“I had no idea what my audience was, but that day, I was amazed at how many different kinds of people I was reaching. They didn’t care about race, or size, or religious affiliation, they just came out to see someone who made them laugh,” GloZell said. “And that’s the power of the internet to build inclusivity.”

Meghan spoke about pushing aside cyberbullies to reach all the amazing opportunities she’s found since uploading her first video.

“…It all happened because of the incredible community I found on YouTube, people who shared what I did and supported me because they finally saw themselves represented,” Meghan said.

Finally, Zach ended the moment by talking about how he found a home on the Internet.

“…Now, with communities like YouTube and Reddit there’s no barriers, just bridges,” Zach said. “Because people aren’t connecting based on what they see, they’re connecting based on what they love.

Fans on Twitter and creators in the audience were touched by the moment. Check out some of their heartfelt reactions below. 

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