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Bring on the Disco! Village People to Perform at Streamys

Get ready to boogie like there’s no tomorrow. The iconic 70’s disco group, Village People, are closing down the show as our finale act! (See full press release here.)

This will be the FIRST TIME lead singer and founder Victor Willis has performed with the band since the mid-1980s and we are so here for the comeback.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since I recorded the first Village People album. So we look forward to our performance on the Streamys, carried live via Twitter, with a new generation of fans highly driven by social media platforms,” said Victor Willis.

The group is also celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, so why not turn up with the most outgoing, hilarious, energy-packed group of people on the planet?

With classic, catchy hits like “Macho Man,” “In The Navy” and of course, “Y.M.C.A.”, Village People are going to make the Streamys a massive party this year.

And know what a great thing about Village People is? Everyone can dance to their music. No need for any talent or creativity, because when the “Y.M.C.A.” comes on, your arms will know what to do. It’s scientifically impossible not to throw your arms up in the air when you hear that chorus.

But just in case you’re suffering from amnesia today or are just looking for some light entertainment, here are some demonstrations of what you, and everyone else watching or attending the Streamys, will be doing on the evening of Tuesday, September 26.

This is a pretty straightforward rendition of the YMCA.


Jimmy Fallon knows what he’s doing.


Stephen Colbert’s probably been to a ton of weddings in his life because this looks like a well-practiced YMCA dance. Definitely bookmark this example.


But at the end of the day, whether you know the moves or not, it’s just important that you keep dancing. Like this lady.


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