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8 Reasons Why We Know Jon Cozart Is the Best Host Possible

We are SUPER PUMPED to have Jon Cozart host the 7th Annual Streamys. Why? Um, HELLO?! Have you seen his YouTube channel Paint? This guy brings major LOLs and is all-around über talented. Although he insists that we’ve made a mistake, it is oh, so true. And this is why:

I THINK IT'S A GREAT IDEA. 💡 @joncozart is hosting the #streamys in ONE WEEK on streamys.twitter.com ⬅️

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1. He sees what no one else can see. He must have ESPN.

2. He gives zero (rhymes-with-tucks).

3. He knows how to prioritize truly important information.


5. His unrivaled intellect brings hope and joy to phone screens worldwide.

6. He too does not know how MILK COMES FROM A NUT?!

7. Best of all, underneath the jokes, he is just there for all of us. #FEELS

8. And lastly, he is #TeamInternet to the grave.

So get cozy, order a pizza (or five) and be prepared for the unpredictable. We’re still sticking with the “This is totally the right decision” story.

Thanks for watching 7th Annual Streamy Awards! Click here to see who this year’s winners are.

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