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6 Jon Cozart GIFs to Get You Through Any Situation in Life

Can we give one more round of applause to our fearless host Jon Cozart? He was absolutely brilliant! More importantly, he showed the world (Twitter) what he is made of: wit, rainbows, sass, humor, charm and talent. To commemorate his big night, we made 6 GIFs that will forever immortalize his presence in phone messages and memes for years to come.

1. The *Sips Tea*

Use this when you are watching the drama unfold, quietly, withholding all opinions. Or, use this when you drop major shade and bask in your glory.


2. The *Eye Roll*

Use this when you are just SO OVER IT–like when your parents tell you you went over your data limit, or when your bestie brags about how great his/her boyfriend is and you’re single AF.


3. The *Freak Out*

Use this when that special person slides into your DMs, RTs you, or gives you ANY sign of attention.


4. The *Dance Break*

Go ahead and break out that Y.M.C.A. when that paycheck clears your bank account.


5. The *Creature Alert*

Use this when you and the bestie make bomb plans and you know crazy thins will transpire and your inner-weirdo emerges.


6. The *Mic Drop* 2.0

You could drop a mic, or you could have magical Streamys juju burst from your hands like a superhero. Just sayin’.

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