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Birthday Wishes For The Birthday Boy, Cameron Dallas!


Yes, today is Cameron Dallas‘ birthday. How do we know? Because our friends at told us. In fact, they let us know about quite a few nominees who have birthdays coming up, including Jenna Marbles, LaurDIY, Mamrie Hart, Lilly Singh, Jesse Wellens and more.

But let’s not get sidetracked from Cameron because TODAY IS HIS DAY.

It’s his 8,395th day, to be exact, because today he turns 23 years old. And if you multiply 365 by 23, you get 8,395. So, happy 8,395th day of existence to Mr. Cameron Dallas.

Fun fact: Cam shares his birthday with British YouTuber Joe Sugg, along with Wiz Khalifa, P!nk, Bernie Sanders, Avicii and Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things. So Cam’s in good company. (And yes, we got this list from

From a little app called Vine (#RIP, too soon?) to water-soaked magazine covers worldwide, this Team Internet sensation has accomplished so much since his six-second prank sketches. We hope year 23 brings Cam even greater things, but here are a few of our specific wishes.


“Chasing Cameron”, Season 2.

Because, obviously.

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GO WATCH #ChasingCameron on @Netflix Rate it 5 Stars and comment when you're done 😊 This has been in my notebook since 10/18/15. Starting from and idea, to pitching it in multiple rooms full of people, to getting it on Netflix is a big accomplishment. I wanted to get this show to help give people a visual on social media, how it's impacting every industry, how the millennials are making ancillary business's, and how, over time, influencers are bridging the gap between social media and traditional media. I couldn't have done this without God, my Family, my Friends, my team, and my Fans. Thank you all of you for everything. This truly means a lot to me and I hope you are at the least entertained 😊 love you

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You and us both, girl.


More hilarious games with Sierra and Mom.

Mama Dallas is the BEST.


More slayage on the runway.

It is scientifically impossible for anything to look bad on Cameron.


For you, Cameron Dallas, to fulfill your promise to us.



More casual photoshoots.

That love for pizza is really working out for you. Keep ’em coming.

Curly hairrr anyone ?

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More LOLs with hilarious Cam memes.


And of course, more smiles and happiness.

Click here to see the list of this year’s nominees.

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