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Ten Tweets that Prove These Streamy Nominees Are All Of Us

If you’ve had even the slightest bit of access to the Internet this week, then you know that the 7th Annual Streamy Award nominees were just announced!  More specifically though, we now know which super deserving creators received nods for the highly coveted Creator of the Year Award.  One of only two fan-voted awards of the night, nominees for Creator of the Year include some of the very best in digital video.  While fans will have to tune in LIVE on Twitter, Tuesday, September 26th to see who takes home this Streamy Award, we creeped the nominees’ feeds and couldn’t help but notice all the times they had us saying, “same, bb, same.”


Cameron Dallas

Let’s start with this romantic AF tweet that just makes you go…”right???”


Casey Neistat

There is just something fun about seeing everyone excited about science.


David Dobrik



Dolan Twins

There’s this heartbreaking (and heartthroby) tweet…


Jake Paul



Jenna Marbles

TBH, we would have done the same thing 📸


Lilly Singh



Liza Koshy

Every time.  Every single time.


Logan Paul

Then there’s this little nugget of truth we all know a little too well…


Shane Dawson

Everyone is a side– which side are you???

Fans will be able to vote for their favorite Creator of the Year nominees when voting opens on September 12th and more information will be made available in the coming weeks.  Who do YOU want to win???

Thanks for watching 7th Annual Streamy Awards! Click here to see who this year’s winners are.

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