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How to Watch the Streamys

Hey! Did ya hear? The 6th Annual Streamy Awards are on Tuesday, October 4th. Yes, the same Tuesday, October 4th that is scheduled to occur TOMORROW.

By now we all know that King Bach is hosting and the room is going to be jam-packed with all of your fav members of #TeamInternet. But one thing you might still be wondering is: How do I watch the Streamys?

Here’s the short answer:

Head over to tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9PM ET/6PM PT where the whole thing will be streaming LIVE.

That’s right, no TV necessary. Just your computer or smartphone and a trusty wifi connection is all you need to watch the Streamys.

But there’s so much more to the Streamys than just the live stream of the show.

There’s red carpet fashion, winners portraits, behind the scenes moments and so much more that you can find by following the Streamys on all the social medias.

What’s that? You don’t follow us already? What the heck! I thought we were friends? Add us on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On Twitter we will be updating you in real-time about every single Streamys moment, including GIFs of the creators as they first arrive on the carpet.

Keep an eye on Snapchat for the official Streamys Live Story featuring all your favorite creators. Also check out the Streamys My Story because we might just have a few guest appearances on there…

Instagram is where you’ll find exclusive backstage portraits of #TeamInternet looking polished and pretty.

You can also watch Instant‘s red carpet live show hosted by Teala Dunn starting at 4:3oPM PT at

That’s it for now. Who’s ready for the Streamys? 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

Click here to see the list of this year’s nominees.

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