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6 GIFs of Frankie Grande Slaying the Streamys Nominations Event

As the old proverb goes, “Shine bright like a Frankie.” And shine bright he did.

This is what happens when you put Frankie Grande at a podium in front of a horde of flashing cameras. (Yes, there was glitter.)

1. First he takes a selfie.

Just ya know.. in case all the media outlets in front of him didn’t get the perfect angle.

2. Then he brands Chelsea Briggs as a member of the Frankie Tribe by rubbing glitter all over her (what else?).

GloZell remains casual.

3. Then he throws out the dangerous kiss face + peace sign combo, as one does when shining bright like a Frankie.

Chester See is enlisted to help GloZell in her quest to remain on task.

4. Chelsea briefly remembers she’s hosting a press conference but Frankie couldn’t care less.

There were dozens of cameras in front of him, mind you.

It’s at this point that Chester stops trying. GloZell is second aboard the “WTF Is Going On?” Express.

5. And then it happened. Frankie unleashed dance moves the world hadn’t seen since Brendan Jordan’s Vogue-bomb.

In a very understandable bout of confusion, Chester momentarily forgets where he is. Chester, we agree, this is not what anyone expected when we woke up this morning. GloZell keeps trucking on.

6. But suddenly it all ended, almost as quickly as it began.

“Is this a dream?” says Chester’s internal dialogue.

“I am very unclear about what is happening,” GloZell thinks to herself.

“Why am I totally covered in glitter?” Chelsea silently inquires.

And alas, we are left with another timeless question:


Luh you Frankie, mean it.

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