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Us The Duo Bring Perfect Harmony to the Streamys ICON Dinner

Fun times were had by all last night at the Streamys ICON dinner, but the best entertainment came from the night’s performers: Us The Duo.

The Duo, comprised of husband and wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado, have sang their way into the hearts of millions of fans with their #6SecondCovers and creative mash-ups on Vine. They were a fitting act to perform for a room full of YouTube A-listers, as the Duo are digital media pioneers in their own right. They recently made history as the first Vine artists ever to be signed to a record deal and shortly after that they became besties with Oprah. (Okay that might be my imagination running away with me but c’mon… look at this picture).

But underneath the Duo’s mega-success are two people who epitomize humility, love and talent. Before they even finished their first song, everyone in the room was enamored with the couple. Michael has said that Us the Duo’s goal is to always be “inspiring people through music, encouraging people to pursue that one passion they have in life and showing that love still exists, that relationships are important.” By the time they left the stage, it was impossible not to believe in them. 

Here is a recap of Us The Duo at the ICON dinner:

First, they stopped by the Seventeen Magazine Instagram booth to capture this little moment

Then they took a selfie with Shay Carl, Colette Butler and friends

And then they gracefully took the stage and introduced themselves (as if we didn’t know who they were…)

Before starting to sing “No Matter Where You Are“, Michael explained that the song was an extension of their wedding vows and described the emotional moment shared between them on the day they got married.


And everyone at the dinner was like:


So then they started singing, and we were all wonderstruck


Shay Carl even recorded it for Instagram


Then they switched gears and performed a mashup of theme songs from all their favorite TV shows

Including Full House, The Simpsons, Boy Meets World, The Office, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (which was a major crowd pleaser)


(P.S. Watching Carissa rap the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song was a major highlight of the night)

And everyone in the audience was like:


And by the end of the night, the general feeling about Us The Duo was pretty accurately summed up by Chester See


If last night’s performance was an indication of what’s to come, we are confident that Us The Duo’s heartfelt music will last much longer than a six-second Vine video.

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