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Twitter Ice Breaker With The Streamy’s Entertainer Of The Year Nominees

We love the Audience Choice categories because they put the decision in the hands of the fans. Yesterday we wrote about the Show of the Year nominees, and today we would like to explore the nominees in the other Audience Choice category, Entertainer of the Year. (By the way, you can vote for your favorite nominees in both categories here).

It’s hard to imagine the Internet without YouTube. The platform that has given millions a voice keeps us entertained whenever we need, whether at “work,” bored and restless at 3 a.m., when you get tagged in a must-see by your best friend, or your focus shifts from a “How To File Your Tax Return” video to an endangered dolphin species documentary. No matter what your YouTube preference may be, this year’s Entertainer of the Year nominees at the Streamy Awards Presented by Coca-Cola have made us smile, laugh, and cry—from laughing. And when these nominees aren’t working on their next YouTube video, they’re entertaining us on Twitter. Here are ten things we learned from this year’s great nominees via Twitter.

Bethany Mota

Even with an Aeropostale clothing line, speaking engagements and a bubbly persona to maintain, Bethany is super relatable. We all have bad days.

Brittany Furlan

 After championing Vine, this funny lady has moved on to finding the real truths in life.

Grace Helbig

Everyone’s favorite awkward older sister–and new author–gives us a glimpse into the high life. Comfort is crucial.

Jack Vale

Even if you’re famous for making some of the best pranks ever created on YouTube, baristas still manage to find a way to name you apart from your actual name.

Jenna Marbles

The outspoken jill-of-all-trades understands what it’s like to live in a world with insufficient emojis. If only someone had the YouTube clout to demand emoji justice…

Maiah Ocando

Are you a bad girl? Style guru Maia has the recipe to turn you into a good girl—if you so desire. If eating chips and salsa makes you good, I am a saint.

Michelle Phan

YouTube’s make-up aficionado always has a way of making you feel positive and blessed.

Ryan Higa

YouTuber Ryan Higa may be from Hawaii, but who doesn’t love a good British accent?

Toby Turner

There are many things we can learn from the hilarious rock n’ roller Toby Turner–even dating tips.

Tyler Oakley

When he’s not ranting about pop culture goodness or being a red carpet starlet, Tyler Oakley knows how to throw down a pretty solid sleepover.

Have you voted for your favorite Show of the Year and Entertainer of the Year nominees yet? If not, stop what you’re doing and vote now!

Don’t miss out on the fun – tune in to the 4th Annual Streamy Awards live stream on on Sunday, September 7 at 7:30PM PST.

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