Streamys Audience Choice Award Finalists | The Streamy Awards

Streamys Audience Choice Award Finalists

Attention online community! The Audience Choice Finalists are in!

Today is the day fans can begin voting for the Streamys Audience Choice Awards!

This is your chance to make your vote count at the Streamy Awards for two categories: Personality of the Year and Series of the Year.

And the nominee are… (Drum roll please)

Personality of the Year:

Ashley Clements

Ashley Clements is cute, feisty and an internet darling in her role as Lizzie Bennet in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. With a whopping 84 Lizzie Bennet Diary videos, Clements is looking for your vote to win the Streamy personality of the year award.

Bernie Su

Bernie Su is already a member of the elite for winning a Streamy Award for best writing for a drama web series. This year he’s back in the running for his comedy writing for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and the personality of the year award.

Brad Bell

Brad Bell has got a lot of momentum going for him since he’s both co-writing, co-producing and co-staring in his hit web series: Husbands. This is Bell’s first time being nominated for a Streamy Award and it’s up to you to decide if he wins!

Chester See

Rumor has it that Chester See is able to woo a person within the span one viewing of his YouTube videos. But will his killer voice be the tool that wins him a personality of the year award? That’s up for you to decide.


Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig, host of Daily Grace, could be top of your list for the audience choice Streamy award for her zany behavior.

Mary Kate Wiles

With red hair hotter than the sun, Mary Kate Wiles is heating up the Streamy Awards by not only being part of the Streamy nominated Lizzie Bennet Diaries: she’s also nominated for personality of the year!


Megan & Liz

Pop duo Megan & Liz have 3 awesome facts about themselves: they’re fraternal twins, they’re singer songwriters and they’re also nominated for best original song and the personality of the year Streamy Awards.


Ryan Higa

What else is there to say about Ryan Higa that hasn’t already been met with fan applause? He has his own website called, his youtube account had 2 million subscribers in 2009 and has over 300 million views on his videos. Yet, Mr. Higa needs your vote if he wants to be personality of the year for the Streamy Awards.



Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox from Smosh, according to their website, are graceful, devious and funny. With your help, the creative team behind Smosh can also add personality of the year audience choice award winners to their bios.

The Fine Brothers

The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, are not only doing fine (see what I did there): they’re also looking to take home some Streamy Awards since they are nominated in 3 Streamy categories. However, they’ll need your vote if they want to take home the Streamy personality of the year award.


Series of the Year

Bro Team Pill

With insane amounts of rage and a good deal of cursing, Bro Team Pill takes a look at video games with an unfiltered mind. It’s raunchy, it’s crazy, it’s entertaining and it’s also nominated for Series of the Year at the Streamy Awards.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

This action, science fiction war drama is sure to grab the attention of video gamers as well as regular people because of its stellar production and outstanding acting. If you want to see Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn win the series of the year at the Streamy awards: let me here you sound off!


Husbands is a powerhouse in all the right places: the writing is excellent, the acting is top notch, the satire is witty and well paced and the guest stars are numerous and entertaining. Husbands is already nominated for a few Streamy awards, so maybe they can take home the Series of the Year award while they’re at it.

Kids React

What happens when you show children random internet videos, then ask them questions? Answer: hilarity. Kids React is about the honest reactions to the internet’s hottest videos and it’s nothing short of funny and adorable. Plus, they’re also our final nominee for Series of the Year at the Streamy Awards.


The Fine Brothers are nominated once again for their online sitcom, MyMusic; a mockumentary where people are referred to by a genre of music and the laughs never stop.

Red Vs Blue

If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted approach to the Halo series, Red Vs Blue shows the antics of 2 factions at war with each other, rogue artificial intelligence and, of course, half human half cyborg mischief.


SourceFed site about everything from movie news to viral internet videos with an emphasis on bringing entertainment to the masses. What else do you expect from a website with a tagline stating “Everything That Matters”?

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

What could be better than a modern update to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? If you can’t think of an answer to that question, then your vote for Series of the Year should go to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

The Young Turks

If daily news and political commentary shows are your bread and butter, then look no further than The Young Turks; a web show that tackles all the tough subjects from all the different view points.

Visto Bueno

Fashion, fashion everywhere. Visto Bueno is a web series about the importance of not only dressing properly, but also about having pride in one’s figure and self esteem. Inspiring words and definite Streamy material (pun intended).

Make your vote NOW while you can and make sure to see your choices make a difference at the Streamy Awards on February 17 at the Hollywood Palladium.


Click here to see the list of this year’s nominees.

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