Streamy Awards get Global Coverage | The Streamy Awards

Streamy Awards get Global Coverage

Even though the 2013 Streamy Awards winners have already been announced, they’re still getting a lot of buzz from all your favorite news sources.


The Streamy Awards rocked so much that KTLA 5 gave us a shout out along with Streamy performer, Vanilla Ice.


NBC is so nice, they even called the Streamy Awards “the best awards show for online video.”


NewMediaRockstars are all about bringing out the fun in an interview and the Streamy Awards provided the best environment.

VIRB/ MediaTemple

Direct from the Streamy Awards Red Carpet is VIRB, where internet celebs reveal their favorite websites.

Not only did interview all the major celebrities at the Streamy Awards, their host also happened to be wearing the coolest bow-tie ever.


Next we have StyleHaul, a YouTube channel that took a hard look into the style of the 2013 Streamy Awards.

Bonus! The Streamy Awards have also been featured in a Malaysian newspaper. The Streamy Awards have gone international!



Tune in to the 7th Annual Streamy Awards on Tuesday, September 26 at

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