9 Great Moments at the streamys

The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards show was a blast and there were some pretty amazing moments that we’ll be talking about a long time. But which were the best moments, you say? Well, here are some of our favorite moments of the evening. Some were shocking, some were hilarious and some were just plain awesome.

Somehow, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd) rap battled and it was amazing.

Boyce Avenue proved that you can rock hard, even with an acoustic guitar.

Host Chris Hardwick told us the difference between “your” and “you’re” and we’re still laughing.

Soulja Boy kicked off the evening with an amazing performance with tons of style.

Ken Marino won several awards and gave a lot of hugs (which all looked very comforting).

Then Marino had a little drink (the audience cheered) and felt rejuvenated.

Then he tried to show a little love to host Chris Hardwick backstage.

Shontelle gave a performance that lifted everyone’s spirits.

Vanilla Ice proved he likes turtles and gave us the Ninja Rap and a nice smile!

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Official Streamy Awards Photos by The Bui Brothers